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SpinWorks is an easy-to-use way of producing individualised worksheets for students who have specific literacy needs.

Have you ever wanted to produce language worksheets for an individual student based on a special piece of text — a story that’s on a CD, or perhaps a piece of their own work?

SpinWorks enables teachers to print Cloze exercises, missing word exercises, vocabulary lists and much more with just a few mouse clicks.

The exercises can be based on any text file. SpinWorks also works with stories on the PM Story Books, Fitzroy Talking Readers and Spinout Stories CDs.

Every worksheet can be previewed before printing. If it isn’t quite right, you can create a better one in a few seconds (and yet another piece of paper has been saved).

Facitities provided include:

• sequencing sentences
• Cloze exercises
• scrambled sentences
• missing letter exercises
• word square puzzles
• word lists.

Each worksheet can be configured to suit the student’s specific needs.

As well as choosing the type of exercise that will be printed, the teacher can alter various settings that will affect the details and difficulty of that exercise — the Cloze exercise box (bottom left) gives an example.

It takes only a few minutes to learn to use SpinWorks.

SpinWorks accepts files from Spinout Stories, PM Story Books, Fitzroy Talking Readers and any word processor file saved in “text” format.






SpinWorks comes with a free site licence. A school only needs to purchase one copy to use the package on an unlimited number of computers within the school.






CD for Mac and Windows

$55.00 (inc GST)
A single copy may be used throughout one campus of a school.  A site licence is not needed.