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Greygum Software has closed

It's been a great journey, but after forty years of producing educational software, it is time to call it a day.

There's a full list of closing credits below, but the first question to answer is ...

Circus3 FitzY Um Spinout Gems
Circus4 FitzD Um Goldfields PM Maths

Is the software still available for purchase anywhere?

Yes, from App Stores for some titles

Titles that were available for download from any of the App Stores at the time of closing will remain available for a limited period.

However, we are no longer producing updates, so as new operating systems come out the stores will remove older software from their lists. This has already happened to quite a few of our titles.

Yes, Maths Circus and Fitzroy Readers are still available

The Circus and Fitzroy titles remain available for download for Windows PCs (and can be run under emulation on other platforms). You can obtain them from SAAR Education.

SAAR has for some years been our distributor for India; they previously sold only in India, but have now been given world-wide rights to sell these titles.

Their versions of Maths Circus (Acts 3, 4, 5 and 6) are titled Thinking Circus (Acts 1, 2, 3 and 4). Click here for details and downloads of the Circus software.

For details and downloads of the Fitzroy Sounding Readers software, click here.

For more about SAAR, visit their website

Note that the pricing and terms offered by SAAR may be different from the previous Australian and International versions, and may involve annual licensing fees rather than outright purchase.

What about support?

As Greygum has now closed, we are no longer able to offer support for any of our products. However our software has always had an excellent reputation for its reliability, so support requests have always been infrequent.

Closing credits

First and foremost, thanks to all our customers around the world. Our objectives were always to write good, useful software, to have fun while doing it, and of course to remain financially viable (very much the third in terms of importance!) Your continuing support has enabled us to achieve this for a remarkably long period.

The principals for most of Greygum's life were Bruce Mitchell (sales and promotion), Steve Luckett (coding and website) and David Smith (software design) and their partners Ann Mitchell (management), Marilyn Luckett (finances) and Anne Smith (early primary specialist).

The earliest titles were produced by Jacaranda Software, set up in the early 80s by John Collins of Jacaranda Wiley and run by Rosanne Hood (née Gare). Bruce took over when Rosanne moved to Canberra, and then Greygum was formed in 1992 when Jacaranda's parent company, John Wiley, moved out of primary education. Greygum took over the Jacaranda titles, and went on to produce lots of other educational software over the next thirty years.

Particular thanks to Catherine Monteiro, who was Greygum's office manager for much of its life.

Of our many associates, we'd like to make special mention of Colin Setches, our amazingly skillful sound engineer, and Phil Wharton, graphic artist. We've also worked very closely with Philip O'Carroll and all our friends at the Fitzroy Community School.

Goodbye, and thanks!