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Greygum Software is a small, independent software design and publishing house. We share a deep desire to produce software which is genuinely useful and engaging in a classroom environment and to that end we aim to keep our software simple and robust yet focused on quality content (often at the expense of glitz!) This philosophy has proved successful in that many of our products are used year after year by many successive classes and teachers on many successive platforms, and yet support calls are rare to the point of novelty. Our principal goal is to get the software in front of the children so they can benefit - and if we can make a living doing it, that's a bonus!

Greygum Software packages have been used by schools in many countries and a wide range of education systems since 1985 (when it was known as Jacaranda Software). xx

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Who's who at Greygum


Anne - Design, Scheduling, Teacher Resources.


Steve - Design, Development, Guitar


Marilyn - Finance, Order Processing.



David - Design, Development


Our company motto has variously been "We Accept Money", and "Avoid The Stigmata Of Miasmata In Your Dogmata", but perhaps more practically…


     "When all else fails, read the manual."