Spinout Stories Screenshots


The simplest level of text is combined with high interest topics. By clicking on the speaker icon, students can hear the text read aloud. By clicking on an individual word, they can hear that word read aloud in a different voice, a great help to ESL students.



The most difficult of the three levels offers an enrichment option, where special words are highlighted in blue. Clicking on any of these opens a panel of information-rich text (below), which itself links to even more information.

  Cloze exercises are available at all text levels.  
  Students can modify the existing story, or write their own version. Their story can be saved, spoken aloud (if the computer has text-to-speech software installed) and printed, with or without pictures.  
  Jigsaw is a popular comprehension exercise that uses the text of the story. As each word in the sentence is chosen, more of the picture is revealed.