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Windows 7 Compatibility

We are currently testing all of our titles on Windows 7 and will report the results here as they become available.

Watch this space... 


9 December 2010. Updates are now available for Fitzroy Talking Readers here


12 January 2010. The older 16-bit titles work fine on Windows 7 32-bit version. It's the 64-bit Windows 7 that causes all the problems.


5 January 2010. Updates are now available for PM Storybooks here .


30 November 2009. It's still early days, but initial testing is encouraging. Except for the older 16-bit titles which don't seem to be supported by the new OS. We're still looking at ways to remedy this, and there are more titles to test.



  • Maths Circus: OK. (some layout issues in some Teacher Options dialogs when fonts set to 125%, but still useable).
  • PM Gems: OK. (some layout issues in some Teacher Options dialogs when fonts set to 125%, but still useable).
  • PM Storybooks: NO. (poor 16-bit support in Windows 7. Updates available here ).
  • Fitzroy Readers: NO. (poor 16-bit support in Windows 7. Updates available here.).
  • Spinout Stories: OK
  • Maths to Win Games of Strategy: OK.
  • Desert Quest: NO.



Windows Vista Compatibility

Because we have always designed our software to be as robust and undemanding as possible (schools are a harsh environment), our titles continue to run on all Windows versions from 95 up to and including Vista.

However, Vista has introduced a few hazards mostly resulting from its attempts to tighten up Windows security issues. These hazards appear courtesy of a system introduced in Vista called UAC (User Account Control). Of course, the easiest way to avoid the issues is to just turn off UAC in the Control Panel. You may elect to do that in your installation if contamination from rogue software/users/internet is not an issue. Otherwise, you might like to read on in order to understand how UAC impacts Greygum titles.

Firstly, UAC enforces access permissions on files and folders. How you set up permissions on your systems is entirely up to you, but you'll need to ensure that all of your potential users have the appropriate permissions to execute the program, read the data files, and (in many cases) write configuration and saved-game files. To do that, you'll need to know in which folders the software and files are installed, so that you can apply permissions to those folders if necessary. If you're not sure where things are installed, the title list below indicates the default installation path for each of our titles. Obviously, this is not foolproof, as the person who originally installed the software may have chosen to install somewhere other than the default. But it's a good place to start.

Managing access permissions is not a recommended activity for the novice. Alterations should be made by IT staff wherever possible.

Secondly, UAC introduces a feature to stop users writing data (configurations, saved-game files etc) in the Program Files folder. Unfortunately, many software packages, including some Greygum titles, are designed to write data to the folder in which they are installed.

Vista gets around this by allowing the data to be written to a virtual Program Files folder. This happens transparently, so that neither the program nor the user is aware that the data has been written to an entirely separate folder. Everything just works.

The problem is that there is a separate virtual Program Files folder for each user on the system, whereas before UAC the one real Program Files folder was visible to all users.

So if you set up a configuration for your class, your students won't see the new configuration because it only exists in "your" virtual Program Files folder, not theirs.

The easiest way to get around this when registering the software or changing the configuration (Teacher Options), is to right-click the icon or shortcut for the program, and choose "Run as Administrator" from the context menu. You will be asked for the administrator password. Then your registration or configuration changes will be written to the real Program Files folder and apply to all users of the software - not just you.

(If you register the software as you are installing it, you don't need to "Run as Administrator" as you are already in that mode courtesy of SETUP.EXE).

Similarly when students are using the software, recordings of their progress or saved games are stored in their personal virtual Program Files folder. This is acceptable in a single-user installation, but most Greygum titles are designed to store all student data in the same place so the teacher has better control.

Note 1.

The issue usually doesn't arise in older Greygum titles because by default they install to C:\GREYGUM rather than C:\Program Files. If you accept that default, and you allow your users the appropriate access permissions to that folder, you will neatly avoid the virtual Program Files issues.

Note 2.

Some later titles default to C:\Program Files but include teacher options to locate the configuration/saved-game files elsewhere. Make sure you "Run as Administrator" when you change the location, so that the change applies to all users.

Note 3.

Other later titles also allow the configuration/saved-game files to be re-located, but as the default installation folder is C:\GREYGUM, the virtual Program Files issue is not (an issue).

Note 4.

Most recent titles default to C:\Program Files for the program, and C:\GREYGUM for the configuration/saved-game files. This very neatly avoids the virtual Program Files issue. Subsequent re-location of data is also allowed. Use "Run as Administrator" when you do this.

Note 5.

Thirdly, when you mount the CD to install a Greygum title, you may get an "Autoplay" alert. This is to tell you that the CD is asking to run a program directly (usually AUTORUN.EXE or SETUP.EXE) and that the publisher is unknown (to Microsoft). You should indicate that you will allow this program to run - unless of course you decide not to proceed with the installation. If you find this alert really annoying, you can prohibit it in the Autoplay Control Panel.

Note 6.

Fourthly, you may then get an alert from UAC saying that an unidentified program wants to access your computer (SETUP.EXE). This is because SETUP.EXE needs administrator-level access in order to install software, and UAC is understandably nervous about granting that because of the damage that rogue software can cause. However, this check is designed primarily for software that has come from the internet, which may indeed be malicious. If you're installing from a CD, you obviously trust the source. So you should indicate that you want to allow the program to proceed.

Note 7.

Fifthly, in their infinite wisdom Microsoft have discontinued the venerable winhlp32.exe program which displays help files. Oddly, they continue to support the even more venerable winhelp.exe which was designed for Windows 3.1 and Window 95 16-bit software. Fortunately, most Greygum titles use other help file systems, but for the few that rely on winhlp32, you can download it from Microsoft's website, or else refer to our comprehensive printed manuals.
Quote from the Microsoft Help and Support page - Users who want to view 32-bit .hlp files in Windows Vista or in a future Windows release must now download WinHlp32.exe from the Microsoft Download Center, and then install it on their computers. To do this, users should visit the following Microsoft Web site:

Greygum Titles Compatibility Notes

  • PM Story Books Software (Red, Yellow, Blue Green)

  • Note 1, Note 5, Note 6.
  • Maths Circus (Acts 3,4,5)

  • Note 1, Note 5, Note 6, Note 7.
  • Goldfields

  • Note 2, Note 5, Note 6.
  • Kraken

  • Note 1, Note 5, Note 6.
  • You may also get a "Program Compatibility Assistant" alert. Choose to ignore it.
  • Spinout Stories (Red Pack, Blue Pack)

  • Note 3, Note 5, Note 6, Note 7..
  • PM Maths Stage A

  • Note 3, Note 5, Note 6.
  • The Land of UM

  • Note 4, Note 5, Note 6.
  • Fitzroy Readers

  • Note 1, Note 5, Note 6.
  • PM Gems (Magenta, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green)

  • Note 4, Note 5, Note 6.

Mac OS Compliance

Will our software run on your Mac?

The Apple software landscape is constantly moving (unlike the good-old-days). We are forever updating or re-writing older software to keep it compliant with new OS releases and new hardware. This list will give you a guide as to where we're at right now…

Classic Only (will run native on OS 7 to OS 9.2 and under Classic emulation on PPC Macs with OS X up to 10.3.9)

  • Clockwise
  • Crossing the Mountains
  • Desert Quest
  • Fitzroy Readers 10-book CDs (1-10, 1X-10X, 11-20, 21-30) (also available as Universal)
  • Kraken
  • Maths To Win (also available as Carbon)
  • PM Story Books (also available as Universal)

Carbon (will run native on OS 9.2 through to OS X 10.4 on PPC Macs and under Rosetta on Intel Macs)
Note: these titles have now all been upgraded to run on Mac OS X Lion. 

  • Goldfields
  • Land of UM
  • Maths Circus Act 3
  • Maths Circus Act 4
  • Maths Circus Act 5
  • Maths to Win - Games of Strategy
  • PM Maths
  • Spinout Stories
  • SpinWorks

Universal (will run native on PPC or Intel Macs under OS X 10.2.8 upwards)

  • Fitzroy Readers 10-book and 20-book CDs
  • PM Story Books
  • PM Gems Magenta, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Levels
  • Land of UM
  • Maths Circus Act 6


Technical Support

We hope that you will never need to contact us with software problems. In order to survive the harsh environment of a school - many users with differing ability levels, multiple platforms of varying vintage, frequent rotation of IT staff - we go to great lengths to make our software as robust and user-friendly as possible. Consequently, calls on our support staff are remarkably few, despite a large installed base.
Nonetheless, difficulties do arise. Some of the more common ones are listed below. If you can't find the answer you're looking for here, please contact our support staff .



About Us


Greygum Software is a small, independent software design and publishing house. We share a deep desire to produce software which is genuinely useful and engaging in a classroom environment and to that end we aim to keep our software simple and robust yet focused on quality content (often at the expense of glitz!) This philosophy has proved successful in that many of our products are used year after year by many successive classes and teachers on many successive platforms, and yet support calls are rare to the point of novelty. Our principal goal is to get the software in front of the children so they can benefit - and if we can make a living doing it, that's a bonus!

Greygum Software packages have been used by schools in many countries and a wide range of education systems since 1985 (when it was known as Jacaranda Software).

Contact Us


Who's who at Greygum


Anne - Design, Scheduling, Teacher Resources


Steve - Design, Development


Marilyn - Finance, Order Processing



 David - Design, Development


Mission Statement

Our company motto has variously been "We Accept Money", and "Avoid The Stigmata Of Miasmata In Your Dogmata", but perhaps more practically…



 "When all else fails, read the manual."


How to order

The usual method of buying Greygum packages is to order from your preferred educational software reseller. Your local reseller is able to provide good technical support and advice.
If you prefer, you can place an order directly with Greygum Software -
  • use the website shopping cart to build and pay for your order by credit card or PayPal (Australian orders only)
  • send us an email with your order details and shipping address - we will contact you for payment details
  • call us on 07 5545 4237 and place your order over the phone
  • use PayPal to download your software directly for selected titles
 We can usually ship your order within 24 hours. Our Australian Business Number is ABN 36 069 716 276.



Within Australia

Outside Australia

Most orders are shipped by Australia Post and should reach capital city addresses in two or three working days.

Greygum charges a fixed post and packing fee of $11 per order, regardless of its size or value. This fee does not apply to back-ordered items.

Goods are sent by air mail unless other arrangements are specified by the purchaser.

Freight is charged at cost.



Non-credit card orders are shipped with an invoice. Unless other arrangements have been made, payment is required within 14 days of receipt of the invoice.


Packages returned must be in mint condition (that is, suitable for resale). Greygum will not accept packages returned containing CDs with scratches or fingerprints, or manuals with dog-ears. Packages that have been inappropriately packed and damaged in transit will not be accepted.


It is usually possible to replace lost or damaged CDs or print materials, for a small fee. Proof of purchase is required. If a CD fails within 14 days of purchase please contact us immediately for a free replacement.


When an upgrade is available. For two years from the date of purchase, you will be entitled to any upgrades of the title for the cost of shipping and materials - $22.00 within Australia and New Zealand - or free if we can make it available for download. For a further two years you will be entitled to any upgrades at 50% of the retail cost of the title, plus shipping. Proof of purchase is required.


We recommend that you contact the reseller from whom you purchased the package. A list is provided on the Resellers page. However, if there is a problem contacting your reseller, then you should email Greygum's support team directly.


We offer the following types of licences:


  • Single User Licence
  • 10 User Licence
  • 50 User Licence
  • 100 User Licence
  • 250 User Licence
  • 500 User Licence
  • 1000 User Licence

BOXWARE (CD in a box)

  • Single User Licence
  • Site Licence
  • Off-campus Licence

Single User Licence

A Single-User Licence entitles the purchaser to install and use the software on one computer at a time only.

Site Licence (Boxware Only)

A Site Licence entitles the purchasing institution to install the software onto an unlimited number of computers, of any platform, and on to networks, provided that all computers with access to the software are owned or leased by the purchasing institution, and are permanently situated at a single campus of the purchasing institution. Site Licences do not apply to downloads, which have specific user number allowances.


  • Special site licence provisions exist regarding Maths Circus Act 4 and Maths Circus Act 5.
    If a school already owns a site licence for Maths Circus Act 1 it needs only to purchase one Act 4 to obtain a site licence for Act 4.
    If a school already owns a site licence for Maths Circus Act 2 it needs only to purchase one Act 5 to obtain a site licence for Act 5.
  • The SpinWorks Worksheet Generator is automatically site-licenced.

Off-campus Licence (Boxware Only)

An off-campus licence is available for institutions using laptops. Provided the institution has a site licence, the software may be installed on any number of laptops that are owned by or leased out to staff or students, provided one extra copy is purchased for every 20 laptops on which it is installed. Off-campus Licences do not apply to downloads, which have specific user number allowances.

Extra CDs for Site Licences

For all Greygum titles, extra CDs are available to schools owning a site licence. They cost between $6 and $10 each (depending on quantities, GST inc.). Contact us for details about other titles. 
Topic not listed? Need help? Email us now !




Resellers and Distributors


Australian Resellers


New South Wales



Western Australia


School Software
725 Silverdale Rd
Orangeville, NSW 2570
02 4653 1492

Network Educational Australia
9 Ramly Drive
Burleigh Heads, Qld 4220
1800 801 332

BXB Computer Solutions
2 Boradino Place
Rowville, Vic 3178
0418 555 763


PO Box 126
Albany, WA 6331
1800 634 050

Jacaranda Educational Supplies
15 Bowman Street
Macquarie, ACT 2614
1800 657 455

Software Time Australia
58-60 Buckingham Street
Surry Hills, NSW 2010
1800 655 887


Highcove Pty Ltd
406 Rode Road
Chermside, Qld 4032
07 3359 3776


424 Scarborough Beach Rd
Osborne Park, WA 6017
08 9443 0955


Battery Powered Computers
PO Box 7451
Chatham, NSW 2430
1 800 688 770

IQT Systems Pty Ltd
Suite 2A Monash Corporate Centre
758 Blackburn Road
Clayton North, Vic 3168
03 9543 6211 

MultiSense Technology
83 Cornwall Street
Dianella, WA 6059
08 9375 8810


English Software
35 Earl Street
Beacon Hill, NSW 2100
02 9453 9255

East West Online
172 Main Road
Riddells Creek, Vic 3431
03 8682 9945 



International Distributors


New Zealand

Mentis Ltd
PO Box 15800
New Lynn
Auckland 0640

Phone 09 6244285
FreePhone  0800 MENTIS  (0800 636847)

South Africa

Creative Learning Systems
PO Box 50637
South Africa 8002
21 439 6351



South East Asia

Lai Lai Book Company 
1F. No. 17 Lane 86
Hsin Sheng S.Rd.,Sec.3,
Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C
886 2 236 29656

Learning Needs Centre Pte Ltd 
Blk 154 Mei Ling Street #01-36
Singapore 140154 
Tel : (65) 6479 2479 


Special Needs Company Limited
120/95 Mooban Maneeyaville, Soi 2
Sukhumvit 101/1 Road,
Bangna, Phrakhanong, Bangkok, 10260
Tel : +66-2-7479435-7
Fax : +66-2-7479438