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Fitzroy Sounding Readers FAQ


Q. (iPad version only) I'm not getting any sound with this app.

Most often, this is because the iPad is muted. Apple has a half-hearted attitude towards muting. Apps have the option to ignore the mute setting, and many do - giving the false impression that muting is off. A further complication is that in iPads with a side-switch, the side switch can be used either as a mute switch or an orientation lock. If the iPad was muted when the switch's function was  changed to orientation-lock, the iPad will remain muted regardless of the switch position.


First, check if your iPad is muted - either at the side switch, or if you have an iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 4, the mute switch is in the Control Center.


If you have a side switch and it makes no difference to the muting, check the side switch function as follows... 

  • Navigate to Settings on your iPad.
  • Tap on General and scroll down to the “Use Side Switch to” box and select the mute option.
  • Toggle the side switch to the off position. The app should now have sound.
  • To lock the rotation again, just go back to settings to switch what the side switch controls.

Q. (Windows version only) When attempting to install I get the message "The installer was unable to create the data folder."

A. This can happen if you used the "Browse" button to select a root drive for the data folder. eg "C:\". It is the trailing slash "\" that causes the problem. Try again without the trailing slash - ie just "C:".

Q. (Windows version only) During installation I get the message "The <foldername> does not exist. The file might have been moved or deleted. Do you want to create it?"

A. The problem could be caused by specifying an installation path which includes a trailing slash eg C:\GREYGUM\DATA\". Remove the trailing slash and try again.

 Q. (Mac version only) In Teacher Options/Settings, I can't select "Use only rules learnt up to current book".

 A. This is a cosmetic fault in the software. Try clicking on the very bottom of the radio button.

Fitzroy Sounding Readers Screenshots

A ‘Get Ready’ section introduces the new sounds and new special words in each book.
When ‘Reading’, each word is underlined as it is spoken.
When the student clicks on a phonic word, the computer sounds out that word.  Here it is sounding ‘mat’ as m+a+t.
Students can write their own version of each of the stories.
The words, sounds and concepts of each story are reinforced and tested in the 'Questions' section.
Each book has activities that provide practice with sounds, spelling, special words, grammar, word-formation, vocabulary, and comprehension.
Teachers can create groups of users each with its own settings (controlling access to books, questions & activities, pronunciation, printing, etc.). Progress reports are available for a whole class, or for each individual. 

Fitzroy Sounding Readers

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This software does just what a personal tutor would do—only with infinite patience!

It reads pages, and repeats any word on request (in a different voice) with phonetic pronunciation. The desktop version also lets the student creatively alter or rewrite any story, and presents questions and activities with the vocabulary of each story. **




Years K to 2



The Fitzroy Method is a phonic approach to reading developed over the last 3 decades.  The Fitzroy Readers introduce new spelling patterns with each story, so that children are able to decode the words for themselves.  Words which cannot be sounded out are called ‘special’ and are treated as sight words.  This system has proved to be a complete and highly successful literacy programme.   


"I have put this new software straight to use.  My student was delighted with the ability to hear his internal monologue read back to him, having never received auditory feedback from his reading before. It was a truly magic moment to see his enthusiasm.  It made my day. The sounding out component is brilliant for phonemic and phonological awareness.

Students are able to track each phoneme visually, as it is articulated. It will greatly assist spelling and writing ability as well. The priming and post reading activities reinforce the components of the text superbly.

Having the irregular high frequency words highlighted differently, reinforces visually that these words must be remembered by sight and cannot be sounded out. I knew this would be another great Fitzroy Readers product, and was not disappointed."


Kristin Anthian

Dip.T(EC), B.Ed(P), PGDip.Ed.St(ECI), M.Ed(SE.I&EI)

Educational and Developmental Consultant, Supporting Diverse and Exceptional Learners 





There are seven Fitzroy Sounding Readers CDs, each containing ten books:
  • Books 1–10 (beginner level)
  • Books 1X–10X (beginner level)
  • Books 11–20 (more advanced)
  • Books 11X-20X (more advanced)
  • Books 21–30 (more advanced)
  • Books 31-40 (more advanced)
  • Books 41-50 (more advanced)

The Fitzroy Sounding Readers software offers many useful features, including:

  • stories read in clear speech with Australian accents
  • the ability to hear individual words spoken aloud by clicking on them
  • a facility to enable children to write their own versions of the stories, hear them read aloud by the computer **
  • extensive teacher options, including the ability to create different user-groups, each with their own settings **
  • comprehensive tracking options, allow the teacher to monitor the progress of a whole group or each individual **
  • questions and activities for every book. **
It provides a clearly spoken reading of each story, and related activities.


As with the original Fitzroy Talking Readers software, the main feature of new packages is the “Read” facility. The computer reads each page of the stories aloud, in a pre-recorded Australian voice, and a moving underline (optionally) highlights each word as it is spoken. This allows children to associate the sound of each word with its printed appearance and its meaning – which is what reading is all about! Students can also click on any word to hear it. Importantly, if the student clicks on a phonic word, the computer sounds out the components of the word, as well as the word itself. Hence "sounding" readers.

Writing **

Children can write their own version of each story, can save it and hear it spoken (using the computer's text-to-speech engine). This facility is aimed more at slightly older children.

New - Questions **

A series of questions accompanies each story. The words, sounds and concepts of each story are reinforced and tested in the ‘Questions’

New - Activities **

Each book has activities that provide practice with sounds, spelling, special words, grammar, word-formation, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Enhanced Teacher Facilities **

Teachers can arrange students in different user-groups, each with its own settings, and can easily inspect the progress of either an entire group or of an individual student. These reports show which questions and activities each student has completed, thus giving a good measure of their progress and understanding.


 Want to find out more about Fitzroy Programs?







Windows: Windows 7 and above. 32-bit or 64-bit
iPad: available for iPhone and iPad from Apple's App Store **
Android: available from the Google Play Store **

Note for Mac Users.

Since Apple has announced that they will discontinue support for 32-bit apps in the near future, we have withdrawn the Mac version of this app..

** Tablet versions (ie iPad and Android) do not include the Writing activity, the Questions and Activities extensions or the extended Teacher controls.



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Note for Mac Users.

Since Apple has announced that they will discontinue support for 32-bit apps in the near future, we have withdrawn the Mac version of this app.







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