Mac OS Compliance. Please consider this information carefully before purchasing.

  • All of Greygum's Mac apps are 32-bit.


  • Apple have announced that they are phasing out 32-bit apps. See



  • The schedule for phasing out is unclear. Existing 32-bit apps will continue to run on Mac OS High Sierra "without compromise", but how they will, or will not, run on subsequent releases of Mac OS is unknown.



  • We are working towards producing 64-bit versions of Fitzroy Sounding Readers and Goldfields by the end of 2018. When available, upgrades will be provided free-of-charge to users with proof of purchase.



  • There are currently no plans to upgrade our other Mac titles.


Windows Compliance All of Greygum's Windows apps will run on Windows 10 64-bit without compromise. We are not aware of any Microsoft plans to change this situation.