Athenian Life



It started as a school excursion to see a play based in The Iliad, but Karla and Jack never expected to be timewarped into Ancient Greece!


Years 4 to 7



Whileplaying backstage with Trojan Wars costumes, Karla and Jack unexpectedly find themselves up for auction as slaves in ancient Athens.


Studentsusing this adventure game are responsible for bringing Karla and Jack back to their own time. To succeed, they'll need to explore many aspects of Athenian life including:

  • art and architecture,

  • myths and legends,
  • beliefs,
  • customs,
  • tools and utensils, and
  • clothing.


AthenianLife also highlights the differences between Athens and Sparta and, by comparing their own way of life with that of the ancient Greeks, students will develop a better understanding of both the ancient world and their own.




Package includes CD suitable for both Windows and Macintosh.


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Athenian Life - Single User

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