Dinosaur Discovery



An all-time classic educational favourite!


Years 5 to 7



DinosaurDiscovery isdesigned to be the central component of a class’s involvement in areas such as exploration, mapping, creative writing, art, library studies, reading and word study.


The challenge is to find a fossilised dinosaur egg and hatch it using a special incubator in a secret laboratory on a secluded island. The incubator needs special crystals, the laboratory is locked and the tidal currents seem to make the island an impossible goal. No wonder it’s still regarded as a classic!


The answers are to be found in places such as a desert, the library, a wrecked ship, an abandoned mine and even by interviewing a mysterious hermit.


DinosaurDiscovery includes multiple copies of an explorer’s diary (which contains vital clues), black-line masters and a teacher’s guide packed with ideas for extension activities.



Package includes CD suitable for Windows.


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Dinosaur Discovery - Single User

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