The Evacuees




The effects of war seen through children's eyes


Years 4 to 7


The Evacuees offers students an opportunity to observe the early days of World War 2 from the viewpoint of a school student.

As the world-changing events leading to the conflict begin to unfold around them, they are able to identify ways in which war affects people like themselves.

Students are also given a large amount of information about this pivotal period of Twentieth Century history.


  • Chronology

    The adventure follows a chronological framework through 1939 as events lead towards the declaration of war by Britain and the events of the first evacuations of children from cities.

  • Historical understanding

    The Evacuees addresses the many problems evacuated suburban children, and their host families, experienced diring the First Evacuation.

  • Organisation and communication

    Students are introduced to many of the terms and expressions used during this period, ad understanding of which can help assist their reading of other related materials.


A narration facility is available to help children with reading difficulties.

Worksheets and a user guide are provided to assist teacher's planning. The latter also contains a quick guide to the structure of the adventure to assist busy teachers.


Package includes CD suitable for both Windows and Macintosh.


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The Evacuees - Single User

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