Guardians of the Greenwood




The Greenwood is being destroyed! Your task is to help Crinkle, our heroine, to save this beautiful part of the world.


Years 5 to 7


Strange and magical creatures emerge from unexpected places to help you. Guardians of the Greenwood is designed for children aged between 9 and 14.

It is suitable for school or home use and the package contains a special Adult’s Guide containing a wealth of information to help guide a child through the adventure.

Intriguing puzzles make Guardians of the Greenwood a challenging and satisfying experience for children. This adventure includes over 30,000 words of dramatised speech, original music, spectacular artwork and even a talking dictionary!

The reading level has been carefully designed and controlled to provide average readers with a challenge.

Although set in a fantasy world, Guardians of the Greenwood highlights many of the issues in the real world: air and water pollution, conflicts of interest, destruction of habitats, soil degradation, falling water tables and deforestation.


Package includes CD suitable for Windows.

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Guardians of the Greenwood - Single User

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Guardians of the Greenwood - Site Licence

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