Patch the Puppy




A delightful learning resource for early learners


Years K to 2


This delightful CD-ROM provides learning resources for important basic skills areas and caters for different ability levels. Patch the Puppy still remains a challenge as children mature and develop.

Patch is an inquisitive, playful puppy who gets into all sorts of mischief around the farm. Children help her fix up the problems she causes.

If children do make a mistake, the computer doesn’t just tell them they are wrong — it offers guidance and help.

Early learners will enjoy all twelve of the educational activities on this CD-ROM.

The package also includes four full-colour story books for off computer reading and learning activities.


  • Numerous activities to develop and reinforce basic skills.
  • High quality speech and music.
  • Beautiful illustrations and animations.
  • Four colourful story books.


Package includes CD suitable for both Windows and Macintosh.


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Patch the Puppy - Single User

$113.00 (inc GST)