Tell a Tale 2




An excellent program for use in the rehearsal and development of early reading skills.


Years K to 3


Tell A Tale 2 allows early readers to build three-sentence stories that can be printed or played back as a movie.

The stories are put together by the student using a simple menu interface.

Each story has an opening, a location, an actor and action.

Tell A Tale 2 has four locations, characters and actions, with four adjectives available for each character. When combined with three language levels and four different opening phrases, these options mean that students have available over 700 possible combinations of text, character, background, adjectives and action.

Key Features

  • Very easy to use
  • Provides focused activities for early readers
  • Comprehensive teacher controls
  • Special needs facilities


Package includes CD suitable for both Windows and Macintosh.


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Tell a Tale 2 - Single User

$113.00 (inc GST)