Goldfields FAQ


 Q. I have just installed Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion" on my Mac, and Goldfields no longer works.

 A. Goldfields is a PowerPC app. With the introduction of Lion, Apple no longer supports PowerPC apps.




Q. I fight my way through landslides, floods and quicksand to get to the abandoned mine in Muir's Gully and IT'S NOT THERE!. 

 A. There is a bug in the first edition of the new Goldfields when running under Windows 98. (Well actually its a Windows bug to do with the return value of PtInRegion, but we won't go there.) The quick workaround is to verify that the student has done the yards, then use Teacher Options to give them the nugget. Send in your Goldfields CD to Greygum and we'll replace it with an updated version.