Goldfields - Lion Upgrade

If you have upgraded your Mac to Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion", you may find that Goldfields no longer runs.


If Goldfields is still installed on your Mac, you can download a patch (below) which will upgrade Goldfields to run on Lion. If Goldfields is not installed on your Mac however, you can order a replacement CD if you can provide proof of purchase (see our UPGRADES policy). Otherwise, you will have to buy a new retail package.


To upgrade your Goldfields software, click on the link below to download the patch. The patch is in the form of a ZIP file. When the patch is downloaded to your Mac, double-click the ZIP file to open it. Then copy the unzipped file to your Goldfields installation folder (usually Applications/Goldfields ƒ by default). Drag the old Goldfields application file to the Trash.


The Goldfields software should then work correctly. Please report any problems to our support team.


Download Goldfields Version 2.0.0 Upgrade


Note: This patch will only work as part of an existing Goldfields installation. It will not work on its own.





Goldfields FAQ


 Q. I have just installed Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion" on my Mac, and Goldfields no longer works.

 A. Goldfields is a PowerPC app. With the introduction of Lion, Apple no longer supports PowerPC apps.



Q. I fight my way through landslides, floods and quicksand to get to the abandoned mine in Muir's Gully and IT'S NOT THERE!. 

 A. There is a bug in the first edition of the new Goldfields when running under Windows 98. (Well actually its a Windows bug to do with the return value of PtInRegion, but we won't go there.) The quick workaround is to verify that the student has done the yards, then use Teacher Options to give them the nugget. Send in your Goldfields CD to Greygum and we'll replace it with an updated version.




One of the most consistently used educational packages ever published in Australia.


Years 5 to 9


Goldfields is an historical simulation that allows students to explore the possibilities of life in the goldfields of nineteenth century Australia, as well as developing reading and language skills.

They can choose to run a freight business, work in a pub or a market garden, become a nurse, doctor, councillor, criminal—or even a miner!

The flexibility of the simulation allows the player’s success to be entirely dependent on his or her ingenuity and persistence, as was the case in real life. (Courageous diggers might even find Muir’s Marvel, an enormous nugget which can be found only if they survive floods and landslides.)

Students can print certificates of achievement at the end of each year on the goldfields.


Online Shopping


(Direct link to download software immediately. Link sent by email as well)

Note for Mac Users.

Since Apple has announced that they will discontinue support for 32-bit apps in the near future, we have withdrawn the Mac version of this app.




Australian buyers please add 10% GST to these prices.

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Goldfields Screenshots



Use your navigational skills to  find your way from Suze Port to Fields Town, the gateway to the goldfields.




Need to earn some money? Get a job, or just head straight to the goldfields? Perhaps test the vigilance of the constabulary?




Gardening is steady, but poorly paid work.




Finally! Enough cash in the kitty to go mining. Not enough for a share in a mine though.




Your share in the market garden pays dividends.




The teacher can inspect progress in very fine detail, and even grant resources.