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The Map
Use compass directions to navigate your vessel to each port where a challenge awaits.

Sample Activity

In the Fish Sorting activity, students are required to categorise the catch by weight and length and select the appropriate basket. It's not as easy as it looks!


Kraken: a deep-sea quest


Sail the seas in search of the elusive giant squid!


Years 4 to 7



The legend of the Kraken is the starting point of this cross-curricular adventure, a voyage aboard an ocean research ship in search of the elusive giant squid.

During their quest, children will read simple charts, measure time, measure the length and mass of fish, use sound reflections to guide dolphins, and use a deep-sea probe to measure temperature and salinity.

When they think they have enough information, they may take a deep-sea submersible beneath the waves to photograph the giant squid.

This ever-popular package has been designed to provide opportunities for teachers to involve their class in practical science and maths activities. In conjunction with other research-related activities, Kraken is an ideal springboard into writing, literature, science, music and art.

The software has full special needs facilities.

The package includes 12 black-line masters, a resource booklet for teachers, and two booklets for the children. Kraken is easier to complete than most adventure packages, having been designed for use in the lower primary school, but there are many applications for it in the upper primary school as well.

Students can leave their quest at any time and resume it later.

The software is designed to work on networked or stand-alone computers.



Package includes CD suitable for both Windows and Macintosh. The Macintosh version is "Classic" only and not suitable for Intel Macs. The Windows version is not suitable for 64-bit Windows.


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