Fitzroy Readers Upgrade for Windows 7 and 8

If you have upgraded your PC to Windows 7 or 8, or if you have recently installed Fitzroy Talking Readers on your Windows PC, you may get an error message saying that the Fitzroy Readers software is incompatible with 64-bit Windows.


To upgrade your Fitzroy Readers software, click on the appropriate link(s) below to download the patch. The patch is in the form of a ZIP file. When the patch is downloaded to your PC, double-click the ZIP file to open it. Then copy all the files in it to your Fitzroy Readers installation folder (usually C:\GREYGUM\FITZROY by default), replacing old versions when prompted.

The patch is not a full installation. You need to have the old software already installed on the target PC before you patch it. If the old software is not already on the target PC you have a number of options available to get it there...

1. Firstly, try installing from the original CDs. A lot of the earlier CDs have a 32-bit installer, even though the Readers software is only 16-bit. That means that the installation will work, but when it finishes it tries to run the Readers software, which fails. That looks like the installation has failed when in fact it hasn't. In this case, you can go ahead and patch the installed software, as described above.

2. However, if the CD has a 16-bit installer, you will get the 64-bit compliance error message straight away, and you can't go down that path. So, if you still have the Readers software installed on another PC, patch that installation and copy the patched folder onto your new PC. You will have to organise your own shortcuts to the software at that point because copying is not the same as an installation.

3. If you don't have the Readers software on an older PC, then the only course left to you is to use your CDs to install it on an older PC, patch it and copy it to the new PC.

4. If all the above fails, you still have recourse to our generous upgrade policy.

When you run the software the first time, you may get an error message to the effect that THREED32.OCX is not registered, or missing. In that case, you'll need to register the newly installed OCX files. To do that, go to All Programs, Accessories, and RIGHT-CLICK on Command Prompt. Choose "Run as Administrator". Then at the command prompt, type...

regsvr32 c:\greygum\fitzroy\threed32.ocx <enter> 

regsvr32 c:\greygum\fitzroy\mci32.ocx <enter>

regsvr32 c:\greygum\fitzroy\picclp32.ocx <enter>

regsvr32 c:\greygum\fitzroy\comdlg32.ocx <enter>



The Fitzroy Readers software and bonus applications should then work correctly. Please report any problems to our support team .


Fitzroy Talking Readers Books 1 to 10, or 1X to 10X, or 1 to 10X Version 5.00 Upgrade

Fitzroy Talking Readers Books 11 to 20, or 21 to 30, or 11 to 30 Version 5.00 Upgrade






Fitzroy Talking Readers FAQ



 Q. I'm using Windows 7 or 8 and I get an error message saying that FITZROY.exe cannot start or run due to incompatibility with 64-bit versions of Windows.

 A. You can download a patch here, which corrects this problem.

 Q. I'm using Windows 7 or 8 and I get an error message saying that an OCX file is not registered or missing.

 A. You can download a patch here, which corrects this problem.

 Q. It's hard for children to hear the words clearly when they're using talking stories. If they turn up the volume, it disturbs the rest of the class. What do you suggest?

 A. Many teachers have found that "Walkman"-style headphones are ideal. They confine the sound to the user's ears, which is where it's needed. There are two theories about which kind to get. One says to buy cheap ones that can be replaced when they get damaged; the other says you should buy good quality ones that are strong enough to survive classroom handling.

 Q. Will Greygum Software work on my network?

 A. It's impossible to give an answer that's 100% certain in every case because every network is set up slightly differently to suit local needs. However, all our Mac and Windows software has been designed to work on networks with a minimum of fuss. In most cases it is necessary for write access to be granted to teachers who wish to set preferences, and to students who wish to save their progress. The best approach is to buy the software on 30 days approval (schools only) and, if it doesn't suit your setup, you can return it (in resaleable condition).

 Q. Will the software work under Windows NT (including XP)?

 A. There are a number of versions of NT, some of which do not support 16 bit applications such as existing Greygum and 4Mation versions. We suggest you order the software on approval and try it on your installation. Greygum will be including 32 bit versions on future releases, and these will be announced on this website.

 Q. When I use the Fitzroy Talking Readers on my Mac network, I get the message "File locked or in use." What's the solution to this problem?

 A. This problem can happen with any application on a network, not just the Fitzroy Readers. The solution is to lock the application. Do this by clicking once on the Fitzroy Readers icon, then selecting File/Get Info from the menu bar. Check the "Locked" item at the bottom of the info box, close the box, and it's ready to go.

 Applies to (Windows only) PM, PM USA, PM Canada and Fitzroy Talking Readers:

Q. When I insert the CD, a window appears offering the option of installing the software, but nothing happens when I click on this button (or any of the other buttons).

  A. This is a known problem (our fault) that applies to some versions of the software, and has since been corrected. The fault manifests itself on Windows 2000 and XP, but not on 98 and similar.


The faults affects ONLY the autoplay window  that appears when the CD is inserted - it does not affect the software itself, or the installer. The solution is to ignore the autoplay window: just close it.


Use another method to start installing the software. Any of the following methods can be used:

  • Inspect the CD using "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer", and double-click SETUP.EXE.
  • Click on Start, then Run, type in D:SETUP.EXE (where D is the drive letter of your CD drive) and click on OK.
  • Use Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs, indicate that you want to add a new program from CD, and follow the instructions that appear.

Similarly, don't try to use autoplay window to launch the software. The best method of launching the software is to use the entry in the Start  Programs menu.

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Fitzroy Talking Readers




This software does just what a personal tutor would do—only with infinite patience!

It reads pages, repeats any word on request (in a different voice), lets the student creatively alter or rewrite any story and print it, and play word games with the vocabulary of each story.




Years K to 2



There are two Fitzroy Talking Stories CDs, each containing twenty books:
  • Books 1–10 and 1X–10X (beginner level)
  • Books 11–20 and 21–30 (more advanced)

Each CD offers facilities to read and write stories, plus an extra activity to suit the child’s level of skill. All images on the CD versions are in colour, with support for both colour and monochrome printers.


Children can hear each story read as often as they like and read along as they gain confidence. Each word is highlighted as it is read. If children wish to read by themselves they need only click on an unfamiliar word to hear it spoken by the computer.


Children can write their own version of the stories, then print them with or without the illustrations. The software can also read their story aloud.

Alphabet game

An alphabet game is included on the Books 1–10X CD. This game helps children relate upper and lower case letters, and match the shapes of each letter with the corresponding sound and name.

Word Square

More experienced readers often enjoy the challenge of a word square, so software to make word squares has been included on the Books 11–30 CD. Word square puzzles can be solved on the screen, or printed for off-computer use. The computer speaks the word after the child clicks on the correct letters in sequence. The words are chosen from the stories.

Teacher controls

Many aspects of the activities can be adjusted to suit students’ needs. Clues can be enabled or disabled, puzzles can be made suitably challenging, printing facilities can be turned on or off, the stories available can be restricted to a particular set and so on. Teacher settings can be protected by a password if necessary.

 Want to find out more about Fitzroy Programs?

Fitzroy Phonics Learning Centre  







Package includes CD suitable for both Windows and Macintosh. This software has been updated for use with Mac OS X and Windows 7 64-bit. The original Windows version is 16-bit and not suitable for use on Windows 7.



Online Shopping

Please use this facility only if you want delivery within Australia, where the freight and tax charges are fixed. You don't need a PayPal account, just a credit card.


If you want delivery outside Australia, or you are an educational institution and prefer to be invoiced, just fax or email us your order and we'll contact you for payment and shipping details.


Fitzroy Talking Readers - Single User

$176.00 (inc GST) 




Fitzroy Talking Readers - Site Licence

$352.00 (inc GST) 

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Fitzroy Readers Screenshots

 Cloze exercise: uses the context of the story. Audio assistance can be disabled if required using the teacher controls.  
 Writing: the student's story can be printed with or without the pictures.  
 Wordsquare generates puzzles of many sizes and complexity, using upper or lower case letters, with or without clues.  
 Reading: click on the "hear" button to hear the workds spoken.  
 Treasure is a favourite variation on the traditional Hangman game. It uses words from the stories.  
 Slide requires students to spell the word spoken by the computer.  Words are chosen from the vocaubulary of the stories.