Desert Quest


Fly a search plane to save a lost party of desert travellers.


Years 4 to 7




Setting their courses with the help of an on-screen map, searchers need to navigate from one airfield to another, gathering and piecing together clues to reconstruct the route taken by the lost travellers.

At each airfield they can elect to assist local people to perform such diverse tasks as piloting a hot air balloon, flying a doctor to a sick patient and dropping food supplies to a school camp.

While it looks like a game, Desert Quest requires careful use of important maths skills, including an understanding of angles, estimation of length and quantity, an understanding of maps and a the ability to read instruments.

Listening skills sharpen quickly when students find that Morse code can unlock one more vital clue.

At the highest level of difficulty, it’s also vital to think in three dimensions when flying near mountains.

Successful completion of each task is rewarded by another clue, until eventually it should be possible to deduce the lost group’s location.

As with all Greygum Software, it’s easy for the teacher to adjust the difficulty of the problems to suit the abilities and needs of each student.

The software offers full special needs facilities.



Package includes CD suitable for both Windows and Macintosh. The Macintosh version is "Classic" only and not suitable for Intel Macs. The Windows version is not suitable for 64-Windows.


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