The Land of UM Screenshots



A simple Um world
The aim is to guide the Um to the hole in the wall.
Some objects disappear when touched, some move,
others block. Some explode! The simple levels lead
students into an understanding of the need to plan ahead.




A little more difficult
This is a more challenging Um world. The exit is not yet visible.




The Um Editor
This is the most rewarding part of the package for most students. Using the Editor they can create their own puzzles and, in doing so, gain an understanding of the different ways people go about solving them.


The Land of UM



Ideal for the times when you want to reward your children with an educational activity that’s also wonderfully entertaining.


Years K to 10





Too many maths games, even some so-called “educational” ones, are little more than mindless target practice.

The Land of UM provides a much more positive challenge with a range of difficulty to suit every age group.

What's An UM?

UM is a woolly-headed little creature whose task is to find a way out of each of many worlds. The UM must find out what each object in the world actually does—and some do quite unexpected things!

Players need (and will develop) reasoning and clear thinking skills, rather than the exhaustive trial-and-error needed in many games.

Look Out For The Baby UMs!

One of the challenges is to protect the baby UM that inhabit some worlds. These babies have the unfortunate habit of wandering off and getting into trouble unless the UM keeps a careful eye on them.

Build Your Own Puzzles And Learn

An additional feature of great educational value is the UM Editor, included in the package. It allows children (and adults) to design their own worlds.

Older students find it’s a very rewarding challenge to create problems, learning even more as they watch others try to solve problems they have created.


The mobile version of the Land of UM (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) does not include the UM Editor.


Resources For Teachers

The Land of UM package includes a special teacher’s guide which details an easy approach to making problem-solving a high point of your students’ learning.

High Praise From Educators

The Land of UM receives consistently high praise from educators and reviewers for its wide range of educational features.

To solve UM worlds, children need to call on a wide range of problem-solving techniques and to synthesise these skills in a systematic way. The software gradually introduces each necessary skill during the first dozen or so rooms in each UM world without the child even being aware that they are learning powerful problem-solving skills.

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect for children is the ability to create their own puzzles using the UM Editor. Feedback from their peers is a great stimulus for UM world creators to achieve new heights of intrigue, cunning and humour.


(Package includes a CD suitable for Windows, along with printed support material)

Note for Mac Users.

Since Apple has announced that they will discontinue support for 32-bit apps in the near future, we have withdrawn the Mac version of this app. If you want the Mac version anyway, and understand that an upcoming release of Mac OS will not run it, email us and we'll work something out.

The mobile version of Land of UM for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is available on the iTunes App Store. This version does not include the world editor but includes the six standard worlds each with twenty-five rooms - 150 levels in all! - and room and world timers for competition. 


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