How to order

The usual method of buying Greygum packages is to order from your preferred educational software reseller. Your local reseller is able to provide good technical support and advice.
If you prefer, you can place an order directly with Greygum Software -
  • use the website shopping cart to build and pay for your order by credit card or PayPal (Australian orders only)
  • send us an email with your order details and shipping address - we will contact you for payment details
  • call us on 07 5545 4237 and place your order over the phone
  • use PayPal to download your software directly for selected titles
 We can usually ship your order within 24 hours. Our Australian Business Number is ABN 36 069 716 276.



Within Australia

Outside Australia

Most orders are shipped by Australia Post and should reach capital city addresses in two or three working days.

Greygum charges a fixed post and packing fee of $11 per order, regardless of its size or value. This fee does not apply to back-ordered items.

Goods are sent by air mail unless other arrangements are specified by the purchaser.

Freight is charged at cost.



Non-credit card orders are shipped with an invoice. Unless other arrangements have been made, payment is required within 14 days of receipt of the invoice.


Packages returned must be in mint condition (that is, suitable for resale). Greygum will not accept packages returned containing CDs with scratches or fingerprints, or manuals with dog-ears. Packages that have been inappropriately packed and damaged in transit will not be accepted.


It is usually possible to replace lost or damaged CDs or print materials, for a small fee. Proof of purchase is required. If a CD fails within 14 days of purchase please contact us immediately for a free replacement.


When an upgrade is available. For two years from the date of purchase, you will be entitled to any upgrades of the title for the cost of shipping and materials - $22.00 within Australia and New Zealand - or free if we can make it available for download. For a further two years you will be entitled to any upgrades at 50% of the retail cost of the title, plus shipping. Proof of purchase is required.


We recommend that you contact the reseller from whom you purchased the package. A list is provided on the Resellers page. However, if there is a problem contacting your reseller, then you should email Greygum's support team directly.


We offer the following types of licences:


  • Single User Licence
  • 10 User Licence
  • 50 User Licence
  • 100 User Licence
  • 250 User Licence
  • 500 User Licence
  • 1000 User Licence

BOXWARE (CD in a box)

  • Single User Licence
  • Site Licence
  • Off-campus Licence

Single User Licence

A Single-User Licence entitles the purchaser to install and use the software on one computer at a time only.

Site Licence (Boxware Only)

A Site Licence entitles the purchasing institution to install the software onto an unlimited number of computers, of any platform, and on to networks, provided that all computers with access to the software are owned or leased by the purchasing institution, and are permanently situated at a single campus of the purchasing institution. Site Licences do not apply to downloads, which have specific user number allowances.


  • Special site licence provisions exist regarding Maths Circus Act 4 and Maths Circus Act 5.
    If a school already owns a site licence for Maths Circus Act 1 it needs only to purchase one Act 4 to obtain a site licence for Act 4.
    If a school already owns a site licence for Maths Circus Act 2 it needs only to purchase one Act 5 to obtain a site licence for Act 5.
  • The SpinWorks Worksheet Generator is automatically site-licenced.

Off-campus Licence (Boxware Only)

An off-campus licence is available for institutions using laptops. Provided the institution has a site licence, the software may be installed on any number of laptops that are owned by or leased out to staff or students, provided one extra copy is purchased for every 20 laptops on which it is installed. Off-campus Licences do not apply to downloads, which have specific user number allowances.

Extra CDs for Site Licences

For all Greygum titles, extra CDs are available to schools owning a site licence. They cost between $6 and $10 each (depending on quantities, GST inc.). Contact us for details about other titles. 
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