Maths Circus Act 6



Students and teachers just can't get enough of the Maths Circus series. Act 6 continues the tradition of engrossing and original puzzles which engage students and encourage an abiding interest in practical mathematics.


Years K to 12



Best Selling Series

The Maths Circus software series has been extremely popular ever since the publication of Act 1 in 1993, and is now used in schools around the world to help children enjoy mathematics and develop their problem-solving skills.

Twelve Puzzles - Ten Levels

Each of the twelve puzzles in Maths Circus Act 6 has ten levels of difficulty ranging from the very simple through to the very challenging. This makes it suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities.

There are five basic levels for children in the early years of schooling, and then five advanced levels for those who are ready for more of a challenge. In many puzzles, the hardest level will present a challenge to students of any age group - and perhaps even the teacher! However the software comes with a "hints and solutions" manual in case you get stuck.

Range Of Skills

The puzzles in Act 6 are completely different from those found in earlier Circuses, though the clowns make an appearance again with yet another head-scratching, colourful puzzle. There is a focus on straight mathematical tasks as the series title suggests - this time with activities based on ticket-selling, manipulating plus and minus signs, constructing sums, and balancing see-saws. There is the usual assortment of thought-provoking logic puzzles, and a robot-sequencing activity to introduce simple programming concepts.

Most importantly, Maths Circus Act 6 challenges and encourages students to think for themselves.

Facilities For Teachers

The package includes worksheets that can be photo-copied for classroom use, a booklet of hints and solutions, and an installation and user guide. All these are also on the CD in PDF format.

Teachers can control music and sound effects, decide which levels of which puzzles are available, and inspect, cut-and-paste or print details of students’ progress.


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