Maths To Win - Games of Strategy



Introduce students to the power of mathematical rigour with this fascinating collection of games!


Years 5 to 10



Here’s a typical classroom conversation that we heard during the testing of this package:

  • “This game’s a bit difficult.”
  • "Try this one — it’s much easier.”
  • "The computer still keeps beating me.”
  • "Same here.”
  • "How come the computer keeps winning?”
  • "What does it know  that I don’t?”
  • "Hey—I just won!”
  • "How did you do it?”
  • "Not sure… hang on…”

Before long, the entire class is committed to defeating the computer.

Fifteen Different Games Of Strategy

In each of the fifteen games, victory comes only with a thorough understanding of the winning strategy. To win, the student must decide whether to play first or not, and then follow a winning strategy without error. Analysing the position can be anything from very easy, in the earlier games, to very complex.

Levels And Hints To Suit All Students

The games are arranged in increasing order of difficulty. Students will quickly work out the winning strategy for the easiest games, even without hints.

With the hardest games, they will certainly need some of the hints. Each game has four levels of difficulty, each of which has a range of random starting positions. The computer seldom offers exactly the same game twice, but you can ask to replay a game to help you learn the strategy.

On-screen hints are available for all games. The lowest level of hints may just indicate whether the computer thinks it will win or not. Intermediate hints help you to find the winning strategy for yourself. Full hints describe the winning strategy. The teacher can turn each hint on or off, or can make them available via a password.

Any of the games can be played against the computer, or against another student.

Teacher Controls

Extensive teacher controls enable teachers to...

  • decide which games are available,
  • make each level of hints available or not, or to apply a password to each individual hint, and
  • inspect or print a progress report on each student.


This innovative package includes a clear and informative teacher’s manual. Photocopyable worksheets are also provided, including investigation sheets to help students working with the computer, and assessment sheets for use off-computer.


Package includes CD suitable for Microsoft Windows (including Windows 10 64-bit).

Note for Mac Users.

Since Apple has announced that they will discontinue support for 32-bit apps in the near future, we have withdrawn the Mac version of this app. If you want the Mac version anyway, and understand that an upcoming release of Mac OS will not run it, email us and we'll work something out.



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