Spring Cleaning

Well, yes it's winter here in Oz but it's still a good time to clean up.

Firstly, we are removing from sale some of our more venerable titles which, despite their tremendous heritage and educational values, have not been attracting sales for the last few years. Times are a-changing in the computers-in-education market and we have to recognise this.

Secondly, our sales of tablet software and downloads have soared while sales of CD packages have dribbled away to almost nothing. Another sign of the times. So we are withdrawing CD packages from general sale. If you simply must have the CD of a particular title, just send us an email and we'll work something out.

Farewell Mac

Don’t Panic! This article only refers to Greygum software that runs on Apple Mac desktop and laptop computers. Our Windows software and iPad/Android apps continue to be available, popular and compliant.

Apple has announced that they will stop supporting 32-bit Mac software in the near future. This is a policy decision they have made to “keep their products fresh”. Changing our 32-bit Mac software to 64-bit involves a complete re-write for which we have neither the time nor the resources. And the new product would look and feel the same as the current 32-bit product.

So we are regretfully withdrawing all of our Mac desktop titles from sale now to mitigate the impact on our customers when the change comes.

Fitzroy Readers for Android

Fitzroy Sounding Readers

is now available for your
Android Phone and Tablet!


 Books 1 to 10  

 Books 1X to 10X  


Books 11 to 20  

Books 11X to 20X  

Books 21 to 30  

Books 31 to 40  

Books 41 to 50  



"Lovely first readers! I love the simplistic set up.
You want things simple for first readers - no confusing distractions.
I'm looking forward to the next set of readers. :-)"


Android is a trademark of Google Inc.


FAX Begone

The poor old office fax has been retired. No one wants to talk to it anymore (well, almost no one - we get maybe one or two per year). So with some sadness but no regret we are pulling the plug. Most people order by email these days (Order by Email), some by phone (+61 7 5545 4237), and some by letter (shudder)

Fitzroy Readers - New Levels for Desktop


In response to even MORE requests, we are pleased to announce the release of two new levels of Fitzroy Sounding Readers for Windows and Mac...

Books 11X to 20X
Books 41 to 50

Books 11X to 20X
Readers 11x-20x is an exciting new level that enables each story, from 11 to 20, to be immediately followed by a longer adventure story, reinforcing all and only the sounds learned to date.
REASON for creating the new level:   early Readers up to 20 introduce ten new sounds (oo, er, sh, all, ing, ar, ay, etc), with just one short story for each. The new pack, 11X-20X, lets students reinforce each new sound in a longer story before moving on.
Books 41 to 50
Children who are up to these Readers are often able to read simple fictional works, for instance Choose Your Own Adventure stories and the like. This is a great thrill for them. At advanced levels, Readers occasionally teach up to three new sounds. This speeds up learning without overburdening the now competent reader. Due to the systematic structure of the program, even more complex sentences are soon no problem. Notice how the special (i.e. sight) words work together with the spelling patterns learned. Together they help form a base from which children can 'decode' huge numbers of words - even ones they have never seen before.