Fitzroy Readers Books 31 to 40


In response to many requests, we are pleased to announce the release of a new level of Fitzroy Sounding Readers...


Books 31 to 40 

This brings a lot more vocabulary into the software series. As in the lower levels, there is the reading of the pages in a human voice, and the sounding out of words clicked on by the student. 

And there is a new facility in the program - what we call hints. As words get longer, we can often help the student by indicating that part of a word is itself a word. For example, if the student clicks for help with the word someone, it is shown as some and one - the parts highlighted in turn. 
Another service provided by hints is to indicate where a silent letter occurs. For example, instead of leaving the word friend as a special word with no clues, we indicate in grey that the letter i is silent, then sound out the rest of word as a simple sounding word!
This program helps both student and teacher to a level never before seen in software!