Volume Purchase Program

How do I get a site licence for iPad software?

1. Site Licences for iPad software

Because iPad software is sold exclusively through Apple's iTunes App Store, we don't have control over the licensing arrangements. So we are unable to offer the same site licence that we do for our desktop software.

2. Volume Purchasing Program

Normally when you buy iPad software from the App Store using your iTunes account, you are allowed to put it onto up to five devices that you own. Because this is clearly unsuitable for schools which want to load up many more devices, which may or may not be owned by the school, Apple have provided the Volume Purchase Program. Enrolment in this program enables a school to buy bulk quantities of iPad software in the form of tokens, or serial numbers, which can be given to staff or students to use to download the software on their iPad. To find more details and enrol in the program visit… https://volume.itunes.apple.com/au/store

3. Discounts

Software bought through the Volume Purchasing Program is not necessarily discounted, but in line with our policy of offering schools generous site licence pricing on desktop software, we have elected to apply the discount of 50% on our iPad software when purchased in quantities of 20 or more. This is the only discount that Apple offers on Volume Purchasing Program purchases.