Fitzroy Sounding Readers Released

  • New Software

  • New Activities

  • New Teacher Functions

Fitzroy Sounding Readers is the latest result of collaboration between Greygum Software and Fitzroy Programs. The software features the popular Fitzroy Readers books which use the Phonics Method to teach reading...

 "The phonic approach starts with the sounds of the alphabet. Children are exposed to simple words first, such as cat and picnic. They sound them out, letter by letter. Then they are gradually introduced to the sounds of the typical letter-patterns of English, such as ch and aw and tion.

This approach opens their eyes to a vast vocabulary from an early age. They can read, for themselves, many words in the world outside of school. This is rewarding and motivating for them. We at Fitzroy Programs have received many messages of thanks from teachers and parents. We are often told that a child's reading confidence has been restored."

The software reads each page of the stories aloud, in a pre-recorded Australian voice, and a moving underline (optionally) highlights each word as it is spoken. This allows children to associate the sound of each word with its printed appearance and its meaning – which is what reading is all about! Students can also click on any word to hear it. Importantly, if the student clicks on a phonic word, the computer sounds out the components of the word, as well as the word itself. Hence "sounding" readers.


Each story is accompanied by a series of questions designed to reinforce and test the concepts and sounds of the story. Also, each book has activities that provide practice with sounds, spelling, special words, grammar, word-formation, vocabulary, and comprehension.