Spinout Stories FAQ

 Q. I have just installed Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion" on my Mac, and Spinout Stories no longer works.

 A. The original Spinout Stories is a PowerPC app. With the introduction of Lion, Apple no longer supports PowerPC apps. We have since upgraded Spinout Stories to be Lion-compliant.



Q. I can see logs for all my students when viewing the tracking file, but when I "Inspect the selected user's tracking log", there's nothing there. 

 A. Make sure your user names don't have any spaces in them (eg "Alex Jones") Spaces will break the software which searches the tracking file by field position. Use single names only or replace spaces with dot or underscore.

 Q. Attempting to install on a Macintosh results in an Error 2 or Error 3.

 A. Some older Mac installations may need an extension upgrade and a later OS. Email Greygum Support for a solution.


 Q. Using Cloze Type on Windows, the typed text won't fit in the box.

 A. This is a fault in the software. The quick workaround is to try some different fonts until you find one which fits. Contact Greygum Support for a patch.


 Q. Selecting an activity from the Launcher does nothing. (Windows only)

 A. This is a fault in the software which MAY occur on some systems if the installation path to the software includes a folder which contains a space (eg "Program Files"). The quick workaround is to move the software or rename the offending folder. Contact Greygum Support for a patch (Version 1.2.2).