Crossing the Mountains FAQ

Q. I get an error "Can't run 16-bit Windows Program" when installing. 

 A. The 16-bit components of the InstallShield software used for installation of Crossing the Mountains may exhibit this problem on operating systems where the creation of short file names has been disabled (e.g. by setting the NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation registry value to 1). This problem may be solved by moving the setup file to a location which does not use long names in its path components (e.g. the root of drive C) and running it from there. If this does not solve the problem, a change to a registry value is required.

Crossing The Mountains


The colony is running out of food.
Your goal: find more farmland!

Years K to 7



Only a range of apparently impassable mountains stands between you and success. The governor has issued orders to mount a life-or-death expedition to save the colony from starvation.

Crossing the Mountains offers the entire class an opportunity to experience some of the excitement and achievements of early Australian explorers.

There are three roles: leader, quartermaster and stockman. Just as on a real expedition, they must cooperate to ensure that the venture does not end in disaster. Horses must be kept healthy, supplies need to be rationed and, above all, the leader cannot afford to lead the expedition astray!

While Crossing the Mountains is loosely based on Blaxland’s celebrated journey across the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, the strategies and day-to-day problems encountered in this simulation are common to many of the expeditions that took place in the early part of the nineteenth century.

The teacher’s control facilities cater for different styles of classroom organisation. For example, different groups can explore the same landscape and share their discoveries, or each can work with different terrains.

Expeditions can be saved at any time and the software does not need modification for use on networks.

As is usual with Greygum Software publications, the package includes extensive suggestions for classroom activities and a full set of black-line masters.



Package includes CD suitable for both Windows and Macintosh.
  • The Windows version is a DOS program.
  • The Mac version is "Classic" - not suitable for Intel Macs 


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Crossing The Mountains - Screenshots

The Map

As students explore each area, the grey ares of the map are revealed. The yellow circles show where they camped each night. Orange and beige areas are mountains.

As you can see by the red circle at the left, this group has succeeded in crossing these mountains. That was the easy part: now they have to get back alive.


Before setting out, the expedition needs to plan everything in detail.

There are three roles a group of students must play: Leader, Quartermaster and Stockman. Each makes decisions that affect everyone's safety and health. This planning process determines whether the team will have any chance of survival.