Q. (Mac only). When my students run PM Gems they get the message "PM <color> Fatal Error. The global settings file Gem_PGB.GG is missing, can't be found, or can't be read." However it runs when logged in as Administrator.

A. This is a permissions issue. Log in as Administrator. Find where you installed PM Gems (usually "Applications"). Right-click on the PM <color> folder and choose "Get Info". Under "Sharing and Permissions", change the privilege for "everyone" to "Read only". Open the gear menu at the bottom of the Get Info window and choose "Apply to enclosed items...". Open the PM <color> folder. Right-click on the User_PG* folder (the * could be one of M,R,Y,B,G). Choose "Get Info". Under "Sharing and Permissions, change the privilege for "everyone" to "Read & Write". Open the gear menu at the bottom of the Get Info window and choose "Apply to enclosed items...".

 Q. Clicking the desktop alias loads the wrong level of Gems, and in some cases the wrong application altogether (Mac only).

 A. This is a bug in the software. Download an upgrade or contact Greygum Support for assistance.


 Q. Some recorded speech seems to be clipped at the start (Mac only).

 A. This is an ongoing issue with Quicktime. The problem can be solved by matching the appropriate version of PM Gems with your version of Quicktime. Download an upgrade or contact Greygum Support for assistance.


 Q. In the writing exercise, selecting blocks of text or positioning the cursor can be incorrect in some cases (Mac only).

 A. This is a bug in the software. Download an upgrade or contact Greygum Support for assistance.

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PM Gems Screenshots


Reading: click on the 'hear' button to hear the whole page, or click on an individual word. 




Activities: there's a wide range of stimulating exercises relevant to each story.



Questions: these test and reinforce the student's comprehension of the story and its vocabulary.



Writing: students can write and save their own version of each story, which can be printed (subject to the teacher's settings)



Phonic spelling exercises: hear the sound of each letter as you build up the word.



The main menu: Controls are large and intuitive, and the main control panel can be positioned on the left or the right.



Tracking: This shows a report on the progress on a particular student.

PM Gems




For early readers, here's innovative software that provides support and encouragement to make reading a rewarding experience.



Years K to 2



The PM Gems Software offers many useful features, including:

  • stories read in clear speech with Australian accents;
  • the ability to hear individual words spoken aloud by clicking on them;
  • a facility to enable children to write their own versions of the stories, hear them read aloud by the computer, and (subject to the teacher's permission) print them;
  • extensive teacher options, including the ability to create different user-groups, each with their own settings;
  • comprehensive tracking options, allow the teacher to monitor the progress of a whole group or of each individual;
  • questions and activities for every book.

It provides a clearly spoken reading of each story, and related activities.


As with the original PM Story Books software, the main feature of new packages is the “Read” facility. The computer reads each page of the stories aloud, in a pre-recorded Australian voice, and a moving underline (optionally) highlights each word as it is spoken. This allows children to associate the sound of each word with its printed appearance and its meaning – which is what reading is all about! Students can also click on any word to hear it.


Children can write their own version of each story, can save it and (if the teacher permits) can print it and hear it spoken (using the computer's text-to-speech engine). This facility is aimed more at slightly older children.

New - Questions

A series of questions accompanies each story. These test and reinforce students' comprehension of the content of each story and their familiarity with its vocabulary and key words.

New - Activities

There is also a number of activities to go with each story. These are very varied, including spelling and phonic exercises, missing-word puzzles, and other activities related to the plot of the story, such as climbing trees, catching fish, popping balloons and solving jigsaw puzzles. These provide a very popular and involving way of reinforcing the vocabulary and content of each story.

Enhanced Teacher Facilities

Teachers can arrange students in different user-groups, each with its own settings, and can easily inspect the progress of either an entire group or of an individual student. These reports show which questions and activities each student has completed, thus giving a good measure of their progress and understanding.


Package includes a CD suitable for Windows (including Windows 10 64-bit)

Note for Mac Users.

Since Apple has announced that they will discontinue support for 32-bit apps in the near future, we have withdrawn the Mac version of this app. If you want the Mac version anyway, and understand that an upcoming release of Mac OS will not run it, email us and we'll work something out.

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If you want delivery outside Australia, or you are an educational institution and prefer to be invoiced, just email us your order and we'll contact you for payment and shipping details.


PM Gems - Single User

$165.00 (inc GST) 

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PM Gems - Site Licence

$330.00 (inc GST) 

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