Maths Circus Act 3 FAQ

 Q. I have just installed a new Windows on my computer, and Maths Circis Help menu item no longer works.

 A. Recent versions of Windows no longer support the help file format used by Maths Circus. You can find a complete explanation and download to fix this problem here.

 Q. I have just installed Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion" on my Mac, and Maths Circus Act 3 no longer works.

 A. Maths Circus Act 3 is a PowerPC app. With the introduction of Lion, Apple no longer supports PowerPC apps.


    • If Maths Circus Act 3 is installed on your Mac you can download and install a free patch from here.
    • If you want to re-install and you can provide proof-of-purchase, you can order a replacement CD from us (see our UPGRADES policy)
    • If you want to re-install but cannot provide proof-of-purchase, you will need to purchase the full retail package.


Maths Circus Act 3 Screenshots

Forklift puzzle
Arranging pallets into the right order takes some fancy driving. And planning.
Juggling puzzle
Help the juggling clowns arrange the balls into the right order.
This is the fourth highest of ten levels of difficulty. The easy levels help students understand the controls and hint at strategies that become essential at the highest levels of problem solving.
Crossing the river
It's hard enough to steer the boat carrying the circus equipment through the narrow openings, but the current makes an understanding of vectors quite useful.

Maths Circus Act 3 - Lion Upgrade

If you have upgraded your Mac to Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion", you may find that Maths Circus Act 3 no longer runs.


If Maths Circus Act 3 is still installed on your Mac, you can download a patch (below) which will upgrade Maths Circus Act 3 to run on Lion. If Maths Circus Act 3 is not installed on your Mac however, you can order a replacement CD if you can provide proof of purchase (see our UPGRADES policy). Otherwise, you will have to buy a new retail package.


To upgrade your Maths Circus Act 3 software, click on the link below to download the patch. The patch is in the form of a ZIP file. When the patch is downloaded to your Mac, double-click the ZIP file to open it. Then copy the unzipped Maths Circus Act file to your Maths Circus installation folder (usually Applications/Maths Circus ƒ by default). Drag the old Maths Circus Act 3 application file to the Trash.


The Maths Circus Act 3 software should then work correctly. Please report any problems to our support team .


Download Maths Circus Act 3 Version 4.0.0 Upgrade


Note: This patch will only work as part of an existing Maths Circus Act 3 installation. It will not work on its own.





Maths Circus Act 3




As soon as it was released, the most common response we had to Maths Circus Act 2 was a request for yet another circus.


Years 5 to 10



Students just couldn't get enough of the head-scratching, chin-tugging, breath-holding and exhilaration that comes with solving Maths Circus puzzles! Teachers appreciated the extra challenge offered by some of Circus 2's harder puzzles, but still wanted their younger students to enjoy the Circus programs.

Twice As Many Puzzles

As a result Greygum came up with Maths Circus Act 3, which offers twelve further puzzles, but this time there are two degrees of challenge (Basic and Advanced).

There are five Basic levels of each puzzle. These are particularly aimed at children in the first two years of schooling, but also serve as an introduction for older children.

Then there are five Advanced levels, aimed at middle and upper primary, right through to adult. The hardest of these levels will challenge children of any age.

This means Maths Circus Act 3 contains 120 individual tasks, twice the number in each of the earlier packages. Between them, they cater for the whole range of age and ability from those who find maths rather a mystery and who need a confidence boost, right through to those who need a really tricky challenge as an extension activity.

Range Of Skills

Like its predecessors, Maths Circus Act 3 provides practice and enhancement for a wide range of skills.

Spatial awareness is needed when building paths for the lions, arranging the acrobats in a pyramid, and using the fork-lift. Three-dimensional geometry is introduced in the dolphins puzzle. Practise addition and multiplication with the jugglers and the clowns. Investigate direction and angle when crossing the river, and at higher levels explores compass bearings, time and vectors in a very simple way. Controlling the elevator involves positive and negative numbers.

Several puzzles even include simple programming — planning a sequence of moves in advance, and executing them later on.

Teacher Controls And Special Needs

The software includes PDFs of worksheets that can be printed for classroom use, a hints and solutions guide, and an installation and user guide.

Teachers can control which puzzles and levels are available, and can inspect or print pupils' progress.

Online Shopping


(Direct link to download software immediately. Link sent by email as well)

Note for Mac Users.

Since Apple has announced that they will discontinue support for 32-bit apps in the near future, we have withdrawn the Mac version of this app.






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