Fitzroy Sounding Readers FAQ



Q. (iPad version only) I'm not getting any sound with this app.

Most often, this is because the iPad is muted. Apple has a half-hearted attitude towards muting. Apps have the option to ignore the mute setting, and many do - giving the false impression that muting is off. A further complication is that in iPads with a side-switch, the side switch can be used either as a mute switch or an orientation lock. If the iPad was muted when the switch's function was  changed to orientation-lock, the iPad will remain muted regardless of the switch position.


First, check if your iPad is muted - either at the side switch, or if you have an iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 4, the mute switch is in the Control Center.


If you have a side switch and it makes no difference to the muting, check the side switch function as follows... 

  • Navigate to Settings on your iPad.
  • Tap on General and scroll down to the “Use Side Switch to” box and select the mute option.
  • Toggle the side switch to the off position. The app should now have sound.
  • To lock the rotation again, just go back to settings to switch what the side switch controls.

Q. (Windows version only) When attempting to install I get the message "The installer was unable to create the data folder."

A. This can happen if you used the "Browse" button to select a root drive for the data folder. eg "C:\". It is the trailing slash "\" that causes the problem. Try again without the trailing slash - ie just "C:".

Q. (Windows version only) During installation I get the message "The <foldername> does not exist. The file might have been moved or deleted. Do you want to create it?"

A. The problem could be caused by specifying an installation path which includes a trailing slash eg C:\GREYGUM\DATA\". Remove the trailing slash and try again.

 Q. (Mac version only) In Teacher Options/Settings, I can't select "Use only rules learnt up to current book".

 A. This is a cosmetic fault in the software. Try clicking on the very bottom of the radio button.